Private Equity

Building Foundations for Value

Private Equity investors turn to Hamilton Advisory for due diligence, integration, and building the financial infrastructure to speed future growth of portfolio companies.

Cash Flow Maximization

Leveraged transactions require a skill many target company's management teams have limited experience with - managing cash. Hamilton Advisory uses its experience with both large and small portfolio firms to help minimize working capital needs and interest expense. Concentrating cash, reducing DSO, implementing cash controls, and building a banking platform are the cornerstones of our approach. Implementing processes for forecasting, reporting and controlling cash ensures that initial cash flow gains are perpetuated.

Building Infrastructure

Portfolio firms spun out of larger businesses or experiencing rapid growth often have gaps in their financial infrastructure, especially in the government market. Hamilton Advisory builds new systems (or replaces those left behind) to sustain growth and enable pursuit of larger contracts. From manufacturing and accounting systems to sales pipeline management and FAR/CAS compliance, investors and management can get the help needed to assess, design and implement appropriate systems to promote growth and limit recurring cost.

Due Diligence

Acquiring government contractors presents a special set of challenges for due diligence teams. Re-competes, OCI, re-pricing triggers, compliance thresholds and national security concerns all pose significant risks for the future financial performance of a target company. Hamilton Advisory works with your legal and financial deal team to pinpoint the unique pitfalls prevalent in the government arena and create solutions to avoid or mitigate these risks before they become a problem.

Post-Transaction Integration

Hamilton Advisory can accelerate integration of new firms into a platform company, leaving investors and management free to focus on growing the business. Our philosophy emphasizes rapid execution and attention to detail which positively impact integration success. We strive to achieve projected cost efficiencies, minimize disruption to customers and employees and eliminate administrative distractions imposed by government requirements and oversight.

Government Contract Compliance

If your portfolio firm is a growing federal contractor or is expanding into the federal marketplace, compliance with accounting, contracting, and security regulations serves as both a barrier to entry and a cost of doing business. Requirements vary by customer and firm size, so experienced tailoring can avoid process overkill and unnecessary cost. Minimize both by using Hamilton Advisory to identify and cost-effectively resolve these issues.